My wife gave me multiple pocket knives over the first couple of years of our marriage. As with most pocket knives they were folders. I just could not seem to hold onto them. Every time I did a small job, I would lay the knife down between steps, rather than fold it up and replace it in my pocket. When the job was done I would forget the knife on the back bumper, over turned canoe, or ground. Finally I recieved a fixed blade pocket knife in a stiff sheath that fit in my back pocket. I have carried that knife for 24 years. Removing the folding and unfolding step made slipping it back into the sheath easy. It has taken me three years to find knife blanks that are of appropriate dimensions. I think you will enjoy carrying and using these knives. Each knife comes with the stiff back pocket sheath, that I put two coats of mink oil on before shipping.

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