Web Sites

Chek-Mate Bows- This is the place to order a bow for those who want to go back to the traditional style. Bowyer Marc Moriez does for traditional archery tackle, what I am doing for knives. He makes several styles of traditional bows, to your specification. You get to choose the style of bow, from flat bows to takedown recurves. You then choose the woods you want for the riser and the limbs. His sales representative Chad Weaver is great to deal with and very responsive to the clients questions and needs.


Upland Journal- A web site devoted to those who love hunting upland birds and training the dogs that make that sport so special. This is a great site to go to for all around hunting info. I t has quick links to weather, sunrise / sunset and game movement. It has a forum area, allowing you to communicate and discuss issues with other sportsmen around New England and New York.



Outdoor Services

Maine Outdoors- A fishing, upland hunting and recreational guide service located in Mid-coast Maine. From Stripers to Ruffed Grouse, or a leisurely paddle on a local river, Don Kleiner is the Guide to call.