This section features knives that were special orders. Knives that used materials that held special meaning to the client, or that were made for a special purpose.


This pair of deer antler knives were made for a father and son. I worked to match the blade size to the antler.


This is a knife set I made for a father and daughter. They are the Pintail and Blacktail blades.
The same blade shape, scaled differently. The mosaic pins in the handle and guard were also
scaled to fit the different sized knives.



This knife was made for a client that found a section of a moose antler while scouting for an upcoming moose hunt.
I was able to use one of the points witha hidden tang blade to make this knife he carried on the hunt.


This is another knife made from a shed moose antler. This antler was in better shape and I was able to use
a portion of the base on the "Grouse" blank.

This was knife made for the local NWTF banquet. It was carved out of walnut to replicate a turkey leg.
It has the same buried tang blade as the moose antler knife above.