I originally bought my custom made "Grouse" knife from Outdoorsman's Edges for dressing out upland birds, including turkeys, but soon found out it was the ideal tool for field-dressing Whitetail deer. The handle is designed for a firm grip and the blade a perfect length for quickly "unzipping" a big Whitetail in the field. The last thing you need when you have a monster buck on the ground, high up on the ridges, is an inefficient or dull knife. I highly recommend knives or any product from Outdoorsman's Edges. Brad Eden
Registered Master Maine Guide
Owner, Publisher-Upland Journal Online Magazine

"I've called birds from Maine to Mexico with my "Two Tone". I've also carried one of Outdoorsman's Edges knives for years, and love the durability and finish of the blade and handle.

Alvin Chase

The "Two Tone" called this tom and another away from a group of hens and other toms. They came a couple of hundred yards across the wide open salt marsh. The birds seem to love the sound of this call.

Chris Coggins

I gave Mike a piece of Madeira Mahogany I had for years. With that wood he created a Carolina call that looked beautiful and worked extremely well on those Toms. With Mikes call, I was able to take this bird early and be in my classroom well before the students arrived.

Al Ghoreyeb

What can I say? I love using my calls to lure in spring gobblers. I carry both a Two Tone and a Carolina Caller. There are times one works better than the other. The key is being prepared.

It doesn't get any easier than this. Once my fan was preserved, I just popped it in the holder and I was good to go! The instructions for stringing up the beard and spurs were straightforward too. This handsome holder was the perfect complement to my game room. I look forward filling up the empty pegs with more beards!

Mark Mingain- Founder RIHunts.com, NEHuunts.com